Movin On Livestock NM is a motion picture barn located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We supply production companies with movie livestock, buggies, wagons, tack, and various period equipment. Our movie livestock are accustomed to guns, cannons, explosives, fire, water, horse stampedes, and animals (goats, sheep, etc...). At Movin On Livestock, we house one of the largest selection of wagons, carriages, buggies, and stagecoaches. Our movie wagons consist of buckboards, a hearse, covered wagons, a jail wagon, wagons that can be rolled for still shots, and wagons that can be modified to fit your needs. We have livestock teams that are matching, we have 4-up's and 6-up's, and matching mules to pull the wagons of your desire. At Movin On Livestock we are very proud of our animals and trainers and their ability to work in various terrain and under various climates. Every picture on our web site, including the banner, are pictures of our livestock and wagons working on different movie and television productions and rehearsals.

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